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Interior Decorations

Pencil, Ink, Marker, Digital
2018 - Present

Who are we? Who do we hope to become? Who will we finally be when we die and return to stardust?

This project questions the masks and labels we all wear. Why do we choose them? Why are they placed upon us? Who are we underneath them? Who are we to each other when we put them on, and when we take them off?

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Like lots of people, I’ve struggled with body image issues my entire life.

As a kid I teetered between chubby and fat and was often told by my step-parent that I was too “husky” and needed to go on a diet. In middle-school I was on the “jello squad,” a group fat kids who were always last to finish their lap around the track. I got made fun of, was picked on, and bullied all the way up through high school for being poor, or weird, or fat, or some other reason. I eventually got past the majority of that deep shame and anger because I realized that growing up sucks for just about everyone, and even I was a total shithead to other people at times.

But to this day, even though I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life, I still have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror. My lizard brain immediately sees a fat, ugly person reflected back and I have to actively stop my mind from tearing myself down.

I’ve come to realize this automatic response is embedded in everything I do, including my artwork. It’s interesting to see how social media can intensify my desire to hide parts of who I am, or present myself in ways that aren’t true.

Who Are We On The Inside?

Relaxing by the water
What kind of heart do you have?

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